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Create space, light and instant wow factor

Make the most of your property with beautiful glass balustrades.
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The ultimate home improvement

If you want to add instant style to your property, then glass, acrylic or wire balustrades are the way to go. JBC specialise in the manufacture and installation of bespoke balustrades for the domestic and commercial market, with each balustrade specially created to suit your own style and budget.

Glass balustrades not only enhance the look of your home; they increase the value of it too. Whether on the stairs or on the patio, this beautiful feature can truly transform premises both inside and out.

Glass balustrade installations in Edinburgh, Lothians and Central Scotland

Satin stainless steel balustrade. Custom made by JBC.
Stainless steel glass balustrade. Custom made by JBC.
Oak and glass balustrade. Custom made by JBC.
No subcontractors involved to ensure absolute attention to detail. 
New oak and glass staircase.
Northumberland St
Frameless Balustrade.
New oak and glass balustrade. New solid oak treads. 
Your homes entrance forms guests' first impression, so make it count.
Solid Balau Decking topped with Frameless stainless steel and Glass balustrade for a touch of sophistication in the garden.
Great King Street
A last minute stainless steel handrail custom made and fitted to provide safe access to a basement flat.
Mirror Polish Stainless Steel.
Echline South Queensferry
Oak and glass balustrade.
Brushed stainless steel and glass.
Budhill Glasgow
Stainless steel and glass.
South Queensferry
Brushed stainless steel and glass.
Thirlfield Livingston
Marine grade stainless steel and glass.
Oak and glass.
Belford Mews
Removal of spindles. Glass and clamps fitted to existing balustrade.
Oak and glass balustrade and oak handrail mounted on chrome brackets.
Dean Village
Stainless steel and glass.
New glass into existing oak stair timbers.
Ferrymuir South Queensferry
Oak and glass.
Fusion system.
Wire rope balustrade with brushed stainless steel handrail.
Glazed existing balustrade.
The Murrays Edinburgh
Oak balustrade finished in clear varnish with sand blast effect glass.
Glass bolted directly to the face of the new decking. No handrail required therefore the view remains unobstructed. Marine grade stainless steel handrail attached to the steps.
Stainless steel and glass.
Oak and glass varnished to finish.
Cameron Toll
Hardwood and glass.
Your homes entrance forms guests' first impression, so make it count. 

The perfect addition to any garden

Glass lends itself perfectly as a garden feature, acting as a windbreak and safety barrier all rolled into one. Not sure about glass? Try it with acrylic panels instead!

Get to know our balustrades

  • Glass or acrylic panels
  • Stainless-steel wires
  • Stainless-steel or timber framework
  • Fusion system
  • Frameless options

Glass cleaner

  • Recommended for cleaning most glass surfaces, chrome, car window interiors and porcelain
  • Leaves household surfaces sparkling clean without smears or streaks
  • Aerosol foam means it will not run or drip like liquid sprays
  • Contains a special anti-fogging ingredient that helps prevent fogging on glass windows and mirrors
  • Formulated with ammonia and a degreasing solvent to cut through grease and grime
  • Contains no chlorofluorocarbons which can contribute to the depletion of stratospheric ozone in the atmosphere
To order the glass cleaner separately please contact us.
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